Parent Involvement Policy

Clay Central/Everly Community Schools

Parent Involvement Policy- Section 1118 (3)(4)

            It is the policy of Clay Central/Everly Community Schools that parents of participating children shall have the opportunity to be involved in the development of the district plan and in the district’s review process for the purpose of school improvement.  The district encourages parental involvement and supports this partnership by providing information about standards and assessments; providing information for parents to help their children; encouraging parental participation with school activities and incentives; and developing roles for community organizations and businesses to work with parents and schools. 

  1. This agreed upon written policy is distributed to parents of participating Title 1 children.  Information about the Clay Central/Everly Title 1 program is published on the school website.
  2. All CCE students are assessed.  Assessment data and teacher recommendation are used for determining placement in the Title 1 program.  Parents are informed in a timely manner.  A school/parent compact outlines how parents, student and Title 1 teacher will share responsibility for improved student achievement.
  3. Parents of identified students will meet with the Title 1 teacher a minimum of two times during the year.  Parents are given assistance in understanding the school’s participation in Title 1, the Title 1 requirements, our local standards, assessments and proficiency levels through the CCE website, notes, meetings and/or parent/teacher conferences. 
  4. The Title 1 teacher is a part of the Clay Central/Everly problem solving team. The team includes classroom teachers, a Title 1 teacher, resource teachers, an AEA consultant, a guidance counselor, a principal, and the parents.   Anyone on the team may call a problem solving meeting to address student needs and to build a plan for improving academic success.
  5. The Title 1 program provides opportunities for parents to become partners with the school in promoting the education of their children both at home and at school.  Parents are encouraged to participate as volunteers.
  6. Parents will be asked to serve on the Clay Central/Everly District Improvement Council and asked to share ideas for school improvement.  The District Improvement Council is directed by the Superintendent.  Parent recommendations are encouraged and responded to in a timely manner.
  7. An end of the year survey will be given to all participating families to determine the effectiveness of our program.

            The Clay Central/Everly District is committed to giving quality education for all students.  It is important that all partners (students, parents, educators and communities) have the opportunity to provide input and resources to help us meet that goal.  Our cooperative efforts will lead us to academic success for all students.