Mrs. Jobst Reading/Math/EL

Mrs. Jobst


Title 1 Reading/Math
BA - Buena Vista University
MAT - Morningside College
State of Iowa Standard License K-6 Elementary, Reading Endorsement, ESL Endorsement

Title 1 is a federally funded supplemental program that helps children do better in the basic skills.   Placement into my small group is based upon the results of our quarterly district assessments. Students that fall below our proficiency levels or students recommended by classroom teachers are eligible for Title 1 services. This does not replace the instruction in the classroom but is in addition to the classroom. This will give the student more help and instruction in mastering the skills needed to learn and advance in the subject. Communication with the classroom teacher, results of Unit Math/Reading tests, and completion of daily assignments will help determine what plan I will develop, the materials I will use, and activities I will plan for your child.  Remember to read for FUN with your child daily!