About the Program
Clay Central/Everly Title 1 Program The Clay Central/Everly Title 1 Reading & Math project is a federally funded program designed to help children in grades K-5th improve their reading and math skills. The Title 1 classes provide small group instruction which reinforces the classroom reading and math curriculum. --Students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade who fall below our district proficiency levels qualify for help. Assessments used to determine qualification are: Iowa Assessments, FAST, BRI, DIBELS, STAR, and reading and math unit tests. Students may also qualify by teacher recommendation. --Parents are notified if their child would benefit from Title 1 services. The Title 1 teacher works closely with the CCE staff and they participate in problem-solving meetings. The problem solving team may consist of classroom teachers, administrators, AEA personnel, resource teacher, Title 1 teacher and parents. --Parents receive a Title 1 letter and student compact that needs to be signed and returned. The compact is a voluntary agreement between parent/child/teacher concerning the child’s education. --Title 1 students are served during pull-out time for reading and math support. The instruction time can vary from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the needs of each child. The Title 1 teacher develops a plan that works towards helping students reach proficient levels in reading and/or math. --Parents will be invited to conference with the Title 1 teacher twice a year. Additional meetings may be set up to discuss student progress at any time during the year. Suggestions for extra help at home are also provided. --Parents are always welcome to contact the classroom teacher or Title 1 teacher with student concerns. The parent has the right to accept or decline Title 1 services. --Parents may be asked to sit on the District Improvement Council to help develop the district plan and review and improve the District Parent Involvement Policy. --Clay Central/Everly parents are encouraged to participate in our reading incentives and RIF distributions. --The Title 1 Teacher has a K-6 Elementary Classroom endorsement and a K-6 Reading endorsement for the State of Iowa. Mrs. Jobst Title 1 Teacher Clay Central/Everly District