Parent & Family Engagement Policy

Parent and Family Engagement Policy
(ESSA, Sec. 1116)


Clay Central/Everly Community Schools

          It is the policy of Clay Central/Everly Community Schools that parents and family members of participating children shall have the opportunity to be involved in the development of the district plan and in the district’s review process for the purpose of school improvement.  Recognizing that parental involvement is the key to academic achievement, we seek to involve parents in an effective home-school partnership that will provide the best possible education for our students.  The district provides coordination, technical assistance and other supports necessary to aid in the planning and implementation of parent involvement activities.  The district encourages parental involvement and supports this partnership by providing information about standards and assessments; providing information for parents to help their children succeed; educating school personnel about involving parents and the value of parent contributions; encouraging parental participation with school activities and incentives; and developing roles for community organizations and businesses to work with parents and schools.

  1. This jointly developed and agreed upon written policy is distributed to parents and family members of participating Title I children in a format and language that the parents can understand. (ESSA Section 1116(b)))  Parents are asked to read the policy, are given an opportunity to comment, and asked to respond by stating that they understand or do not understand the policy. Those that do not understand the policy will be contacted in a timely manner and given assistance. (ESSA Section 1116(a)(2))
  2. The district will provide technical assistance and support as they partner with community groups to plan and implement effective parent and family engagement activities. (ESSA Section 1116(a)(2)(B))
  3. The district will find ways to work cooperatively with other Federal, state, and local programs. (For example: local public preschool programs, local library programs, special education programs (IDEA), McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance, and FFA backpack program). (ESSA Section 1116(a)(2)(C))
  4. The district will conduct an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the Parent and Family Engagement Policy (barriers, ability to assist learning, and strategies to support successful interactions). (ESSA Section 1116(a)(D)(i-iii)
  5. The CCE district will use the findings from the annual evaluation to design evidenced-based strategies for more effective parent and family engagement.  The information may be used to change the Parent and Family Engagement Policy. (ESSA Section 1116(a)(2)E))
  6. The district involves parents and family members in activities of the school.  The district has established a representative group of parents, students, and staff to serve on the SIAC committee. (ESSA Section 1116(a)(2)(F)
  7. One annual meeting will be held to inform parents and family members of the school’s participation in the Title 1 program and explain the requirements of the program and their right to be involved. (ESSA Section 1116(c)(1))
  8. Parent and family meetings (including conferences, home visits) will be held.  Title 1 funds may be used to pay transportation or childcare costs. (ESSA Section 1116(c)(2))
  9. The district requests Title 1 parents to serve on the SIAC committee.  All Title 1 parents are asked to complete an end of the year survey to evaluate the Title 1 program. (ESSA Section 1116(c)(3))
  10. A Title 1 identification letter, parent-teacher conferences, school website, and other forms of timely information/communication are used to assist parents with understanding the Title 1 program. FAST parent letters with student proficiency goals/scores and progress monitoring graphs inform parents of student progress. (ESSA Section 1116(c)(4)(A) & (B)
  11. We will meet with parents regularly when requested.  (ESSA Section 1116(c)(4)(C))
  12. A jointly developed school/parent/teacher/administrator compact will be sent out at the beginning of each year and a signed form is returned to the school. (ESSA Section 1116(d
  13. The policy will be printed in an understandable format.  (ESSA Section 1116(b)(1)
  14. To improve student academic achievement we support school, parent and community involvement. 
    1. We will help with understanding state standards and assessments.
    2. Provide parents with materials and training to help their child. 
    3. Continue to educate staff on how to work with parents. 
    4. Coordinate with other federal, state and local programs.
    5. Provide information in a language people can understand. 
    6. Provide requested parent involvement activities.  (ESSA Section 1116(e)(1-14))  (ESSA Section 1116(f))
  15.  The school, to the extent practicable, will provide opportunities for the informed participation of parents and family members (including parents and family members who have limited English proficiency, parents and family members with disabilities, and parents and family members of migratory children) by providing information and school reports required under Section 1111 in a format and language the parties can understand. (ESSA Section 1116(f))